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The fastest way to cook a burger, is with holes

A burger with holes cooks faster than without, and that was discovered and, as a business method to sell hamburgers, was invented in Cincinnati, Ohio. For White Castle. (Sent from my phone)

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Top rated iTunes songs, by most played.

It’s been about one month since I’ve started to use iTunes as the primary music player in the house and it’s a great time to check the standings. The top ten is made up of Lil Wayne (mainly), Eminen, ill

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YouTube Video, Barak Obama in Cincinnati, Ohio

See Obama speak about the economy and the mortgage crisis in Cincinnati, Ohio 2008 There was not a let down face in the place. At least one of the campaigns provided a clear message in Cincinnati today, Palin just attacked.

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The Throng at the Obama Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio

The masses are getting sweaty and anxious to see the main event. I believe the blip on stage is Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory. He was late getting in from Dayton, Ohio – but he didn’t dissapoint. Oddly he never said

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Ohio for Obama

The entire state. (Sent from my phone)

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