Jesus: A Lighthouse of Levity and Fortitude for Rocky Times

inhale, exhale


that jittery eye dance

You’re on night three of an unyielding insomnia streak, a shout out to the days that drown you in the choppy waters of life. Your pillow may cradle your head, but it does not relieve the weight on your weary shoulders. You seek no miracle potion, no elixir of the gods – merely a morsel of solace in the midst of the squall.

Lo and behold, a calming voice cuts through the tumult, speaking a message of hope and kindness. The bearer of these words, a man who has braved and triumphed over the mightiest of tempests. A man whose emotions and fears echo your own. A man who offered his own life so that our world could have hope’s eternal flame.

Meet Jesus: a beacon of hope and resilience whose message transcends time and permeates souls, warming hearts and granting refuge to countless wanderers lost in a stormy sea.

Jesus: A Trusty Guide in Uncharted Waters

Christ the Magnificent
Christ the Magnificent, The Redeemer of all Mankind

Though he roamed the Earth over 2,000 years ago, Jesus’ lessons in love and life still hold value and guide us safely through countless perils.

The Gospels depict Jesus underscoring the virtues of faith, altruism, and limitless love. He cautions us that following in his wake isn’t always smooth sailing, tipping his hat to the rough seas we must face.

He told his disciples, “The world will toss you about like a ship in a storm. But take heart! I have commandeered the tempest.” (John 16:33)

Alright, Jesus. We’re listening. But what’s your message got to do with us modern folks?

The Love of God: Our Shipwright and Steersman

Jesus’ message carries such deep meaning because it portrays a God that isn’t a distant, unfeeling force. Instead, it introduces us to a God who plays several roles – a Creator, a loving Father invested in his children’s lives, and a steadfast Captain steering us through life’s highs and lows.


Moses, bearing down on Pharaoh for the Israelites’ freedom, did not stand alone. God guided him and gave him the strength and courage to persist. Daniel, trapped in the lion’s den and fearing the worst, held on to the reassuring presence of a God invested in his struggle.

In the New Testament, God’s loving camaraderie is epitomized by Jesus himself, who left the celestial seas behind, trading his heavenly vessel for the humble form of man. This powerful adaptation of God’s love and empathy speaks volumes in the maelstrom of suffering.

Anchoring Ourselves in Jesus: A Personal Voyage

Now comes the question: how do we find comfort and fortitude in Jesus during our own stormy weather?

Some people drop anchor in Bible reading, church attendance, or prayer. Others find solace in serving and extending love to others.

cruising, embracing.. at the end of the day, giving your all, every league of the journey

One size does not fit all, but the common thread remains – trusting Jesus and embracing his love provides a unique tranquility and inner strength that surpasses human understanding.

No matter the turmoil you face, be it loss, adversity or debilitating exhaustion, remember that Jesus charted a course through the same treacherous waters and emerged victorious. And now, he’s ready to voyage beside you if you only let him.

So, inhale, exhale. gulp. that jittery eye dance.

In the serene moments or in the whirlwind of chaos, remind yourself that once upon a time, a humble craftsman forged a message of hope and resilience that has stood strong against the tides. Welcome Jesus’ love and direction into your heart and take comfort in the knowledge that his life and sacrifice serve as the ultimate proof that God’s love created you, embraces you, and will dock at eternity’s shore with you.