Winter Pool Sales!

Get An Amazing Pool Deal Now!

Everyone who knows how to save money knows to buy things in the off season. You don’t buy a pool or outdoor furniture set in the spring, you buy it in the fall. That’s why I’m ordering the Intex above ground pool from Amazon!

People enjoying an Intex pool
Models enjoying the Intex above ground pool, though probably not in the winter.

So now the fun begins! While you’ll not be able to actually enjoy the pool in the winter you get to do all the exciting things like assembling the pool and leveling the ground to ensure your pool lasts a long time. This in itself is no easy feat – though the assembly itself shouldn’t be the issue.

Intex Above Ground Pool Assembly Time According to an Amazon Review - 2 hours with help

One of the reasons I’m drawn to this cheap setup, a stand-up above ground pool, is it actually promises easy assembly. In reading the Amazon reviews and questions, like the one in the screenshot above, people never complain about putting it together or filling the pool. But what people don’t mention, often enough, in the reviews is the need to level the ground before assembling and filling the pool.

It’s still too good to pass up – a 32 foot by 16 foot above ground pool for just $2,500 is a great deal! Right now too, with the weather, it allows you to put together the pool, level the ground and generally get ready for next season without the sun beating down on you.