I have been getting into, as you can see from the blog, video projects. I now have the fabled Jetson Nano in my collection of computers and devices. When I first plugged in the Nano, out of the box, and paired it up with a USB webcam I was blown away by the AI object detection. Computer vision has sprung forward and edge devices are more than capable of running the models in real time to detect and classify objects better than most animals.

Object Detection – Vision AI with a cheap webcam and an equally cheap Nvidia Jetson Nano

Because of this, work needs and the need to video chat with friends because of the COVID lock downs I went shopping for more webcams. There is none better than the Logitech C920. It gives you a sharp 1080p resolution and is compatible with everything – including Linux, the Raspberry Pi and the aforementioned Jetson Nano. I had to have at least two more and I went to Amazon to get them in as many days.

A Prime Disappointment

Amazon, it turns out, no longer carries the C920, only their shady partners. And when I looked around, no one carries the C920 webcam. In fact, when you search for it Amazon shows you a shady knock off as the recommended option!

It turns out that between the manufacturing shortages in China (due to Corona Virus) and the need to connect virtually with the pandemic people have snatched up all the authentic C920 webcams. I thought if I went to the source I’d get lucky but instead there was just more disappointment. Thanks a lot zoomers.

A New Challenger Appears

Logitech now carries what they call the C922 webcam, which has to be better because the numbers are higher than before. I guess there are more, about two more, pixels than the previous version. Great, I’m in, I’ll take three please my appetite has grown.

This is kinda lame.

Thanks a lot zoomers.