It’s everything you wanted and more

It doesn’t take a lamer to figure this one out, it’s everything you could dream of and more. Girls are willing, for whatever reason, to bowl with tiny little mini skirts. And who doesn’t love to sit and watch bowling for hours on end?

Girl in Mini Skirt Bowling

Are you going to see this in America? Not a chance, and that’s okay. We aren’t suggesting anyone unwilling do this – we just appreciate those who will go bowling with just a mini skirt and a thong. It’s such an appealing combination we cannot take our eyes off it.

Now fellas – before you get too excited and run to the television and tune to ESPN you should know that this is a Colombian Argentinian TV show and you’re unlikely to get it. In fact I’d say you’re unlikely to get the entire channel ever in America because this is considered quite lewd. They all seem to be having fun, but I can’t imagine this would ever be accepted into the American zeitgeist.

Thankfully with the power of the internet and the worlds smartest company we can watch these mini skirt bowling videos on YouTube, even in the office where we’d be surely fired for it.

Enjoy Mini Skirt Bowling!

Or Enjoy Boy Shorts Bowling?

But wait, there is even more?

It turns out this Gerardo Sofavich was a real dirty guy and this isn’t the extent of his reign on television. No. If you liked the video above stay rest assured there is more in this YouTube playlist.